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Over 10 years of experience in footfall counting and analysis of footfall data in different verticals.

RS Count has a proprietary analysis tool and uses 3D stereo sensor from Hella. The sensor is manufactured and developed in Germany and is based on the same technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI algorithms) that Hella has for the automotive industry regarding self-driving cars and safety for cars.

Besöksräknare / Kundräknare Analys
Besöksräknare - Ökad Affärsnytta!

Increased business benefit

RS Count is the optimal tool to easily keep track of the most important things you have – your visitors! If you know when they are coming and how many they are much is won. With RS Count you get a valuable tool for evaluating the efect of advertising campaigns, special events and signage in your store. Analyzing footfall data you also know when it’s the most visitors in the store and can easily adapt your staff planning in a cost-effective way.

RS Count is easily integrated via open API to other systems such as ERP systems, POS-system, BI systems or similar to put footfall data in relation to sales (hit rate, conversion rate etc.), personnel costs etc.

Some of our customers

We are grateful and proud of our customers and they are found in many different verticals in the Nordic countries. Although our customers are based in the Nordic countries, we follow our customers and have, among other things, RS Count in Germany, UK and others.

RS Count offers both indoor and outdoor sensors to measure footfall data for anyone who has a physical unit where they want to analyze footfall.

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