A Day’s March has chosen to install RS Count footfall counters. We thank you for your confidence and warmly welcome A Day’s March to RS Count.

About A Day’s March

A Day’s March is a Swedish menswear label founded in 2014 by Marcus Gårdö, Pelle Lundquist and Stefan Pagreus. We offer clean-cut basics and wardrobe staples of the highest quality, at a friendly price. Our goal is to help you get through the day with style and dignity – whether a hectic day at the office, at the beach with a gelato in your hand, or at your mother’s fifth wedding. Our name, A Day’s March, comes from an old military term referring to how far an army could move in a single day. We believe in a fitting name for a clothing brand that helps you keep going through the triumphs and troubles of everyday life with your head held high.