How it works

The sensor is placed above the entrance or area where you want to measure footfall data. The sensor is powered by Power over Ethernet, which means that only network wiring is required. Communication with our cloud-based server solution is via existing network with a secure and encrypted OPEN VPN connection or via
3G / 4G communication.

The visitor counter can also easily be integrated with other systems via our open API.

Footfall Counting - How it works
Footfall Counting - How it works

Our sensors

Our 3D stereo sensor is available for both indoors and outdoors with different conditions to fit the current measured area. The sensors can be connected in series to work together as one sensor if there is a need, e.g. wide entrances. Manufacturing and development of the sensors is done in Germany and is derived from autonomous driving technology for the automotive industry where the accuracy of such systems must be very high.

The sensors combine a smart, highly dynamic stereoscopic lens with enough computing power on board to create accurate image analysis and feature rich application software in an updated, elegant design. Also available as an outdoor version.

About Hella

HELLA Aglaia Mobile Vision GmbH is a world leader in the development of intelligent imaging systems. As a division of our parent company HELLA, it lies in our DNA as solution providers to drive technical standards and exceed customer expectations.

Footfall Counting - How it works

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